what is burkini and who invent it?

Aheda Zanetti designed the world's first swimsuit that can cover most of the body. That's right, in the summer of 2016, the Burkini that caused a controversy on the French beaches was created by Zannetti.

Burkini can cover the body and head, allowing the wearer to show only the face, hands and feet. Nowadays, some coastal cities in France have decided to ban this swimsuit, which is "incompatible with the value of the French Republic".

Speaking of the "coming out" of Burkini, I have to tell the story of Zanetti . She is an Australian of Lebanese origin who entered the fashion design industry from the barber industry.

Zanetti (left) and a model wearing burkini

Let's first go back to one day in 2004.

That day, Zanetti watched his niece playing English basketball. The 11-year-old girl wore a headscarf on her head and seemed very strenuous to exercise. "She looked like a tomato, wrapped in a suit of clothes, and her face was flushed." Zanetti recalled.

The caring Zanetti tried to find a suitable dress for the little girl to wear while exercising on the Internet, but it was a waste of effort. She suddenly recalled her childhood, when Zanetti did not seem to have swam nor participated in any sports. "It's not that we don't want to, it's that we don't have the right clothes to wear!"

In 2004, nearly 40-year-old Zanetti opened his own company and founded the brand Ahiida. In just a few months, the first batch of full-body swimwear was put into commercial production.

In 2006, "BURKINI " and "BURQINI" registered trademarks in Australia, Europe, Canada and some other countries.

However, Zanetti ’s products are not only for Muslim society. Among Australia’s 23 million population, Muslims account for only 300,000.

Zanetti believes: "No matter what birth, no matter what religion, no matter what body shape, no matter skin color, every woman should enjoy swimming and surfing."

An Australian website estimates that 40% of women buying burkini are not Muslims.

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